Criminal Justice Challenges

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Introduction: The development of the world and humanity has included the rise in crime and illegal drugs, attacks and terrorism and innumerable challenges for the criminal justice field and organizations. The necessity of dealing with these challenges has and will demand extreme perseverance by these criminal justice organizations so as to reassure that justice will triumph. It is only expected that these organizations would depend on professionals that are committed, driven and solidly trained. The environment of crime and its prevention requires enforcement of the ethical and moral values of our society but more importantly the fundamental protection of constitutional rights and privileges and the civil liberties of the citizens.…show more content…
The challenge is identifying the real actors in play and the assumptions of ineffective criminal justice policies when it comes to deterring terrorism. There were allegations for instance of involvement of individuals in the 9/11 terrorist attacks that in reality were not existent. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to these matters of great security concerns and the parties involved. The structures of the security and the criminal justice organizations is so perplexed and complicated that a review of the policies and regulations is necessary to avoid allegations that have no stable
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