Criminal Justice Essay

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Review and Critical Thinking Questions 1. Name two examples of capital crimes. * The murder of a police officer * Sexual abuse of a minor 2. Name two examples of federal crimes. * Driving while under the influence * Robbing a bank 3. Explain the difference between jails and prisons. * Prisons are typically larger facilities than a jail designed to incarcerate numerous criminals for longer periods of time. * Jails are typically smaller and intended to detain those awaiting trial as well as convicts serving short terms for misdemeanors, or minor crimes. 4. What is the difference between probation and parole? * Probation means “testing” it’s a test given to first-time offenders or offenders of minor crimes to see whether they can be trusted to abide by the law. * Parole is a period of time a convict remains under legal supervision after being released from prison. 5. What are three factors judges consider when setting bail? * How serious the alleged crime is * The amount of evidence the prosecution has * The likelihood that the accused will attempt to flee the area. Critical Thinking Questions 6. Do you agree that incarceration is a better method of correction than corporal punishment? Why or Why not? Answer: I agree that incarceration is a better method of correction than corporal punishment because we are giving them a chance to think about their crime and give them a certain amount of time to be a better person and have a second chance at a more meaningful life. Hurting them does something (Yes!) but it’s not the right thing to do; as an individual we have to give that person a second chance to redeem them self. Killing a person just like that for crime is a huge decision whether it’s a small crime or a big crime I still think you should have another chance
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