Criminal Justice Essay

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Criminal Law Etayshia Burt Everest College Phoenix Online • Should casual drug users be imprisoned or should they be required to undergo addiction treatment instead? • Find facts to support your conclusion. The United States is imprisoning drug users at an alarming rate. The cost of incarcerating so many drugs, prisoners are both morally and financially steep. First, these incarceration policies discriminate against minorities. By choosing to use prison as our principal solution for drug addiction, we have created a situation where one in three young black men is under some form of criminal justice system (Zienberg, 2000). I think criminalization of drugs has been one of the biggest failures of the United States government, and a huge waste of taxpayers’ money and law enforcements crime. We don’t have an entire task force dedicated to seeking out and arresting alcoholics, but alcoholism is just as severe and detrimental to society as the abuse of any other drug. As for drug dealers, I believe they should be help accountable for the violent crimes they commit, but not the drug possession and sales themselves. There is undoubtedly a huge amount of crime associated with drug dens and dealers, but we should target those crimes, not the “crime” of drug use itself. If we can remove the dealers from the streets because of the actual crime they commit then we can decriminalize the victimless crime of drug use itself. References Zienberg, J. (2000, August 25). Continuing to imprison drug users is fruitless, expensive. Retrieved from

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