Criminal Justice Essay

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| Research Process and Terminology Paper | CJA/334 Research Methods in Criminal Justice | Research Process and Terminology Paper Different research methods used today play a very important role in the criminal justice system. Using effective methods gives people the ability to open and close cases. People interested in the criminal justice field have the ability to use wide ranges of research methods at their disposal. The primary reason for studying research is to be able to attain a better understanding of why it was done and how it may be use. Research methods provide the tools necessary to approach issues in criminal justice from a more rigorous standpoint and enable a venture beyond opinions based solely on nonscientific observations and experiences. In order to conduct a research whether is for the purpose of knowing or resolving and issue, there different components that together make the research successful. This paper will discuss the research process and the terminology that help conduct properly. The process of research in the criminal justice system has five general steps: problem formulation, research design, data collection, analysis and presentation, and conclusion. Problem formulation is selecting a problem to research. When selecting a research problem factor in the current state of the problem, the holes in the theory, and the funding to perform the research. The research design is determined the type of experiment to be performed, or a study group. Research in criminology is usually divided in to two forms: pure or basic research, and applied research. Basic research is concerned with the acquisition of new information for the purpose of helping develop the scholarly discipline or filed study in which the research is being conducted. Basic research leads to

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