Criminal Justice Essay

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Marquis Majette Essentials of Criminal Justice 4/18/13 School Security in Criminal Justice School security is a very important matter that is happening in everyday life and prevalent in criminal justice. School security is a form of security that every school has to provide a safe environment for students. . Lately schools having been adding cameras, metal detectors, guard gates and on site police and security guards. It’s a topic that stirs up a lot controversy amongst elementary school, middle school, high school, and colleges. Some schools also are enforcing stricter dress codes. This consists of making all students wear uniforms. Having all students wearing uniforms is an act of unity and should make students grades better and not worry about what the next person is wearing. In retrospect, it can cut back on violence going on in school. Truly that has cut down on crime and illegal transactions going on during school. But also it hasn’t fully eliminated all the wrong that goes on throughout a school year. Due to the fact that schools don’t have full blown presidential style security, schools are vulnerable to crime. Another thing is that some people feel that school security isn’t stern enough and more should be done for the safety of their children. On the other hand, some people feel that loads of security can be overbearing to children of young age such as elementary students. Definitely the fact that schools are being subject to require students to wear uniforms, parents of students feel it’s the right thing and others feel different and that they are crossing boundaries by enforcing students to wear uniforms. Also, making students wear uniforms can cut back on gang activity due to the fact that gangs wear certain colors and uniforms are neutral colors. Another form of security schools are enforcing is requiring the students to wear

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