Criminal Justice Essay

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Jeff Kiaha 9/18/12 Over a thousand animals are abused daily. How can you help? in these writings you will learn about the different types of animal abuse. as you continue to read on, you will be able to identify what animal abuse is, who causes animal abuse, and ways that animal abuse can be prevented. You will also learn how animal abuse can be linked to criminal behaviors of human beings. There are a few topics that you will learn about to help you to better understand what you can do to prevent animal abuse. What is animal abuse? We sometimes think of animal abuse as physically beating or hurting animals. However, there is more to it than just that. Omission or neglect is one form of abuse. Neglecting an animal can lead to serious injuries or hurting the animal. It can also lead to death if it continues to happen. One way of showing neglect towards an animal is by leaving animals outside without any food or water. This can cause the animal to suffer from dehydration and starvation. The animal can also suffer from becoming malnourished and can eventually die. Another form of neglecting animals is by not having any kind of shelter to protect them against the different elements of the weather. If animals do not have shelter to protect them, they can be exposed to the hot sun, rain, and even coldness, which can cause them to become sick or cause death. Without the proper housing for an animal, it can be hard for them to live. Not giving them the proper medical treatment can also lead to the death of an animal. Animals are like us. When we are sick, we need to see a Doctor and receive the right medication to make us better. They need the same treatment. By not giving the animals their right treatments can lead to seriously injuring them and even cause them to die. The right source of food and diet helps to keep the animals strong and healthy. Other forms of abuse

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