Criminal Justice Essay

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Criminal Justice Essay Brenda Wise ENC 1101 Kenneth White June 22, 2012 Criminal Justice Essay Criminal- Contrary to or for the law. People should know with certainty that criminal behavior will be punished. Justice- The practice is giving to others what is their due or an instance of this. The victim’s family felt that justice had been done in the case. Thesis- Criminal Justice helps keep criminals in line. So people don’t break the law, the ones that do has evidence against them and go to jail. Criminal justice is the practice of giving punishment when they have broken the law. Criminal Justice- For some one that breaks the law for individual state or city they live in. Justice and law and law enforcement and punishment is there to help the judges to set punishments down on the criminals. Criminal justice structures and process in courts reflected. When you get arrested the cops take your fingerprints and snap shot of you. A criminal identification problem requires a suspect to be positively identified at the time of the crime. They are required to run your fingerprints local, state, and nationally. They run the fingerprints to see if you are wanted anywhere else, to see if you have a warrant, or has tickets out there for you. High priority technology needs to improve. The cost of probation, parole, therapy, electronic monitors; optimizing sentencing taking into a count the cost safety and recidivism,. The way in which law enforcement agencies to organize their offices, precinct, and manpower they have. To get their systems up to date and all states, cities, and national linked together. We also need to keep everybody that works in the labs and officers up on the new technology. We need to improve the labs, forensic analysis, and screen methods; to keep the technology up to date. Improve the tools for processing DNA,

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