Criminal Justice Essay

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Private vs. Pubic Law Enforcement Frank Smith November 21, 2010 CJS 250 Jack Breiden The argument over private security and public policing has gone on for decades. There have been a lot of good that comes from private security such as saving in state money and taking some of the lower level of crime from police so they could focus on major crimes in their area. On the other hand it has created an animosity between the two. Even though private security provides a service to the police, the police see them as ‘want a bees’. The overall question is, will the two forces join together and help or with one dominate over the other? The private sector started in the 1800’s by a man named Al Pinkerton. According to Biography (2010) he started in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff and also a private contractor for the federal government to investigate counterfeiting and to protect the Postal Service but later quit to start up a private security firm. His firm was based on similar ways to protect the citizens and the companies from wrong doers. Pinkerton security was also in charge of providing private security for high profile people and worked closely with the FBI. Even after Pinkerton’s death a lot of his techniques were used to continue the private security sector and still used today. There are several different types of security used today. Some private security starts with protecting high profile people like the President of the United States, others work among local law enforcement such as providing security to gated communities, and amusement parks hire private security to protect the park’s interests, mall security and security at a local high school sporting events. It is important for both private and public security to work with one another to make sure the public is secure whether it is at Disneyland or school. According to Cooke, L.G. (2006),

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