Criminal Justice Essay

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Chapter 1 What Is Criminal Justice? * The textbook builds on criminal activity. This book also examines the American agencies and processes that constitute it. It builds on a theme that is especially valuable for studying criminal justice today: individual rights versus public order. This theme draws on historical development that have shaped our legal system and our understanding of crime and justice, it is one of the primary determinants of the nature of contemporary criminal justice, including criminal law, police practice, sentencing, and corrections. * Individual rights are the rights guaranteed to all members of American society by the U.S. Constitution (especially those found in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights). These rights are practically important to criminal defendants facing formal processing by the criminal justice system. The public’s perception is everyone’s opinions, who maybe the same and some who disagree. Another definition for public perception is one who believes that under certain circumstances involving a criminal threat to public safety, the interests of society should take precedence over individual rights. Such as the jury, not everyone will always agree on a decision. As where individual rights its just you believing in something and not everyone’s opinions pushing you towards something else. * The reality, however, is that justice is an elusive term. As the “war on terrorism” began, for example, no one who heard the president’s speech knew exactly what justice might mean and what form it might eventually take. Even to those living within the same society, justice means different things. And just justice can be an ambiguous term for politicians, even in times of war, it is not always clear how justice can be achieved in the criminal justice system. For example, is “justice for all”

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