Criminal Investigation Essay

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Analyze the following case study and determine how the evidence could be documented Three people were involved in the robbery of a local computer store – the defendant, an unknown masked accomplice who entered the store with him and the driver of an automobile that the trio used to get away. A passerby noticed the plates of that vehicle as the robbery was in progress and reported it to the police. The vehicle was later traced and discovered to have been stolen two days before the robbery. The car was recovered and the defendant’s fingerprints were found on the passenger door panel. 1. What evidence is available to the police? Soon as the call is received to respond, begin your notes with the time and date of the call and the time you arrive at the scene. Upon arriving, begin with the 5 W’s and H notes comparing them to what is already known. (Hess, 2013 chapter 2. P.42). What type of crime is it? Robbery. Were there any preventive measures in place, security alarms etc. Who are the suspects, witnesses, accomplices, including descriptions, gender, race, hair color, height, weight, any distinctive characteristics, were suspects arrested? Where did incident occur? The computer store. When did the incident happen? Was it discovered or reported? What evidence is available to the police? It is known that 3 suspects were involved in the crime. A stolen car was used in the robbery and was recovered two days later. An eye witness reported the vehicle to the police. Finger prints of the defendant were found on the car. 2. What would be the best way to locate, document, and package the evidence? While at the crime scene, do a zone search inside and outside of the store, all evidence obtained should be sealed up with the time and date displayed. Place the evidence in the evidence room, safeguard evidence until it goes to court, document the chain of
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