Criminal Court System Research Paper

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Final Project: Improving The Criminal Court System CJS220 By: Savannah N. Hayes Date: January 17, 2010 When it comes the criminal court system, there are many aspects that do what they should and then there are a few items of the criminal court system that needs to be reanalyzed and corrected so that the criminal court system can function to the best of its ability. Making society the safest it can be from those who committed criminal activities that have become the greatest burden of society over the past few years. The three aspects of the criminal court system that needs to be reanalyzed and corrected to make criminal courts more effective would be corruption, plea bargaining, and parole. Due to the fact that over the years we…show more content…
When looking at statistics from the United States Department of Justice (2000) there is not a significant difference in the conviction or plea bargaining rates with the assistance of a public defender or a private attorney. According to the 2000 statistics: a total of 37,188 defendants who retained public counsel plea bargained. This was a total of 87.1% who plea bargained their case, while only 5.2% went to trial. For those 18,709 defendants who used private counsel 84.6% plea bargained, while 6.4% took their case to trial. There is only about a 3% difference with the retention of a private lawyer or a public defender as to how often counsel plea bargains a case(Associated Content, Inc., 2010). Showing that plea bargaining truthfully helps the criminal justice system in the aspect of the over crowding issues that have greatly increased over the years, but as well it helps the criminals get back to the streets in a shorter amount of time. Leaving a greater opportunity for those criminals to enter back into society doing the same things that got them into trouble in the first place. Meaning that plea bargaining is a positive thing , but also in some ways has no purpose if those criminals that bargain are just going to get lesser charges and reduce a lengthy sentencing so they can get back out and do it all over again. Thats why I believe that plea bargaining should be reanalyzed to find ways in using this aspect as well as making sure that the accused has learned their lesson while having a lesser chance of entering back into society with the intent of returning to old habits. Meaning that we need to add greater influencing programs to those who plea bargain, so that they see what they were doing was wrong. This way when they are released they make sure they do everything possible so that they do not go back into the justice
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