Criminal Acts and Choice Essay

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Criminal Acts and Choice CJA 204 June 4, 2012 Criminal Acts and Choice What is crime theory? What is the belief behind causation and the crime model? There are many theories and why society has crime and why offenders do what they do. The true question is what motivates a potential offender? Can that offender be cured? Choice Theories of Crime When it comes to crime causation and the study of criminology, it is important to understand and define the distinction between the various theories behind the act and behavior of crime itself. What drives an individual to commit a crime? Is it an external or internal stimulus? Is it a genetic predisposition or a matter of time and place? The basic choice theories are: 1. Rational – Also known as Classical, this theory postulates that crime is caused by individuals utilizing conscious effort. Punishment for this will offset gains made through said criminal behavior (Divico, 2012). 2. Biological - This is the criminal gene theory. It is believed that criminal pass their deviant behavior through their DNA. The theory states that no treatment is generally effective but this behavior may be redirected through some sort of long term counseling (Divico, 2012). 3. Psychobiological – An offset of the biological, this theory states that external and environmental effects added to the genetic makeup triggers criminal behavior (Schmallager, 2009). 4. Psychological – Also known behavioral conditioning, this theory crime is a direct result of incorrect behavioral conditioning or a sick mind. Treatment would consist of short of long term therapy dependent upon the crime (Divico, 2012). 5. Sociological – This theory stipulates that crime is measured in the group dynamic. Treatment would be a matter of a change in social policy to change the overall pattern of behavior within the group as a whole

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