Crimes Against Humanity Essay

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Gabriele Gocso INR 4335 Dr. Mohamad Homayoun-Vash 20 April 2014 Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity The purpose of this essay is to assert and proclaim the concept of the destruction of human groups through means of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in reference to the overall approach and deconstruction of them in national security studies. Throughout this investigation we will discuss key modern instances where genocide stirs a central dispute in security revisions and proposals for involvement and prevention. Concurrently the evolution of crimes against humanity will be addressed as an overarching concept within the international political system as it has been relentlessly used as a weapon of war and strategy. The subject of this field clarifies the concerns behind human rights and crimes against humanity as they relate to specific nations and the world’s security at large. Inevitably genocide has existed since the beginning of history and has been a vital element to consider when studying the evolution of the history of the world. The most popular and widely investigated examples date to events closer to the present decade: tribal warfare and genocide in Rwanda, ethnic cleansing among Bosnians, the Nazi Holocaust and many more. Examining the interpretations and manifestations of this global issue requires an understanding of the impact that propaganda, literature and film have on the culture of these brutal crimes. The progression of this national security dilemma will be discussed in terms of domestic and foreign grounds in the international community closing with a general political call to action on the intervention and prevention of inhumane crimes. The global system has observed dramatic transformations in the more recent past. Inquiries relating to humanitarian intervention, security of civilians, and national sovereignty defy all
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