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By Genesis Lambert Grand Canyon University November 10, 2013 By Genesis Lambert Grand Canyon University November 10, 2013 hot spots Maryvale, AZ hot spots Maryvale, AZ Crimes and the act of violence are everywhere and the Police departments rely on special tactics to help reduce these crimes and act of violence. The special tactics police units use help single out where the major crime rates are by crime mapping and crime analysis crime mapping data back to thousands of years ago, a geographic information systems (GIS) is the computerized program. Police departments use to help the analysis in crime mapping. Crime maps help by taking a set of data and layering it into a map. This crime map is formed by, symbols, color of shading, distance, directions and patterns. The maps intensions is to represent the data or answer questions on crime rates in different locations of the cites .The different types of incidents that maps shows are types of crimes include,assult,arson,burglary,homicide and vandalism as well as rape, robbery and sex crimes. The map shows arrests made because of curfew violations, weapon possession, public intoxication, narcotics’ and prostitution .The map shows the hot spot, an area or location where a large quantities of crimes are being committed with the place and time where criminal activities is highly likely to occur . The map also, shows great detail with street theories, addressees Specific Street, where crimes occur. Neighborhoods theories, identify different where different crimes occur. The maps help show victims that are always the same people being the victim of the crime .Each beat conducts monthly meetings to address issues concerning month to month criminal activities and plans to help reduce criminal activities in areas need the most. I have search for the crime rates in Maryvale to be very

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