Crime Stats In Relation To Gender Essay

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Official Crime Statistics (OCS) are collected by the police and courts and are gathered and published by the Home Office. They are used to do things such as establish trends in criminal activity and determine things such as which crimes are committed most and by what type of person, for example, what gender. The number of female offenders has increased at a much faster rate than that of male offenders since 1958; however, approximately 85-90% of offenders found guilty or cautioned are male. So why do crime statistics show that male crime greatly outnumbers that of female crime, is it simply women do not commit crimes or does the fault lie in the criminal justice or the Official Crime Statistics? Sociologist Otto Polack (1950) believes that official crime statistics are very misleading and females are just as likely to commit crimes as males are, however, these incidents simply go unreported. He put forward two arguments for this. The first being that law enforcement agencies are often male dominated who are often brought up to be chivalrous and gentlemanly, meaning they are more lenient on women who conduct crimes. The second being that women are very adept to hiding their crimes due to certain biological factors which makes them particularly good at deceiving and misleading men, such as faking pleasure during sexual intercourse. As in Pollack’s opinion, women are better at acting innocent and playing on their gender as a way of getting out of a conviction or an arrest, this means that although their crime has been committed, it will not be reported, meaning it will not then be put forward as part of the statistics, making them inaccurate. Sociologist Worrall believes those women who conform to the westernised notion of femininity, for example acting ladylike and dressing a certain way, will be treated more leniently by the law courts because of the innocence

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