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1. What is meant by recorded crime? They record crimes to know the number of offences made each year, to see whether it increased or decreased. This is compulsory because it goes to the minister of defence. 2. Has crime in Victoria increased or decreased? Give evidence Crimes state wide in 2013 to 2014 has increased. In 2013/14, Victoria Police recorded 433,718 offences state-wide, an increase of 5.7% from the number of offences recorded in 2012/13. The 2013/14 crime rate per 100,000 population was 7489.5, an increase of 3.7% compared with 2012/13. 3. Are there any offences which have decreased in the past 24 months? Crimes that decreased in 24months was Robbery. Over the past 24 months it showed a significant decreased in recent robbery crimes. In the change of 2013 – 2014 -11.1% was shown for the last 24 months. 4. What regions of Victoria experience the highest level of recorded crime? The Eastern region of Victoria experiences the highest rate of recorded crimes during 2013 to 2014, to be estimated of 96,567 offences. Crime against the person rose to 12.2% to 14,989 offences. Crimes against Property offences increase by 3.8% and drug offences were up to 16.4%. Largest increases were seen in deception offences up to 49.1%. Our LOCAL AREA 1.Find the data on our local area. 2.What is the name of our local area (Postcode 3030) Wydham Police Station 3.What is the most recorded and least recorded offence? Most recorded offence was made in 2011, with a total of 19 court offences. The least was recorded in 2012, with a total of 9 court offences. 4.Did any of this evidence surprise you? Explain Yes. Because Point Cook is a big community, I didn’t think we would have less recorded crimes. 5.Has crime increased or decreased in our local area? Explain Crimes have decrease. There was a slight increase in 2013 but overall the offences recorded

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