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Malaysia crime rates are rising in an alarming rate… there was a dramatic 13.4% increase in violent crimes last year, of which rape cases were up by about 30% and gang robbery by a whopping 160%. [Malaysiakini] We need to act fast to cope with this problem; it is a matter that concerned every Malaysian citizens, and quite often it’s a matter of life and death. I don’t quite understand how the crime rates could be soaring sky high in the past few years. Set the crime fighting and prevention efforts aside… I couldn’t figure out how on earth did we managed to produce so many criminals in Malaysia. Something must be wrong in our education system… not just with school education, but family education and religious education etc. People with proper conscience won’t hurt others even for million of dollars… but we have psychos on the streets that are willing to kill for a few bucks or for no reason at all. It is just unimaginable. Immediate Actions What the government needs to do now is to make crime fighting the nation’s top priority. Badawi should hand over his job as Internal Security Minister to someone who is qualified and could fully commit himself/herself to. He failed miserably as the Internal Security Minister obviously, and there are no reasons for him to hold the position besides his own political agenda. We need drastic measures to prevent the crime rates from rising further; it’s a snowball effect… if we let the crooks think that they can escape punishment (like many of the cases), they will be more fearless in committing crimes. We need more police officers. The government is doing something right with their plans to re-hire retired police officers and civilians to take over administrative jobs; it should at least tackle the police shortage in short term while training for new blood. Lets not forget that quality is as important as quality; we need to

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