Crime Rates in Japan

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Crime Rates in Japan Danielle Poindexter CRJ: 330 Comparative Criminal Justice Dave Sanchez April 21, 2013 A. Is there any consistent relationship between levels of education and homicide rates? I did Japan and there was no relationship with education and crimes. B. Is there any consistent relationship between economic indicators and homicide rates? If so, which ones? They had a low homicide rates because of the high surveillance of the Japanese population. Additionally, England and Japan are much smaller countries. England is larger maybe a little smaller than California. Both of those countries have exceptional video surveillance systems in public areas. This is making it much easier to catch and prosecute offenders. C. Are there are other demographic, social, or technological indicators reported that appear to be related to homicide rates in these high and low homicide rate countries? Japan’s prison crime rates also pales in comparison to America’s prison crime rates where guns don’t exist either. Japan’s low crime rate is due to their unique “group” based society. All Japanese citizens are restricted from owning weapons of any kind, including swords. Unless you are a licensed hunter. Which is rate, and they are only permitted shot guns. Also, crime in Japan is lower than in many other first world countries. While crime is still infrequent in Japan, the past decade has been increasing crime. There are controversies regarding crimes committed by non ethnic Japanese people and misconduct by police in reporting crime statistic. D. Can you offer reasonable explanations for any of the relationships you find (or reasons for the lack of any relationships if none are found?) I see that Japan have stricter policeman that will actual assault law breakers and they are on a constant watch over there people so some fear to break
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