Crime Rate In Malaysia Essay

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CRIME RATE IN MALAYSIA Long times ago, people trusted their neighbors but nowadays, none is trustable because anyone can be a criminal, can be a suspect. Crime has been increasing in Malaysia. The public’s fear of crime is a major concern for policymakers, more so if it involves a marked and sudden increase of violent and property crime. Meanwhile, violent crime generally includes crime of violence such as murder, gang robbery with firearm, rape and sexual abuse. Property crime includes those offences involving the loss of property during which there is no use of violence. There are seven types of crimes in this category and they include housebreaking and theft day-by-day, housebreaking and theft by night, theft of Lorries and van, theft of motorcar, theft of motorcycles and scooters and lastly theft of bicycles. Kidnappings, break-ins, car-jacking and sex crimes, as well as child abuse, violent practical jokes and snatch thefts, which often results in death, have been plastered in national headlines for more than a year. Crimes now have become more complex and sometimes impossible to detect. White-collar crime has taken a new turn in that it has become trans-border with its transactions taking place thousands of miles away and thus causing jurisdiction problems. Criminals have taken a progressive road to enhance them knowledge thus making the work of the police forensic investigator more arduous and difficult Nowadays, we heard a lot of cases that involve the missing of children especially girls. As an example, we have been surprised by the case of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin that have been raped and killed in the most violent way. The most sadness situation that happened during this case is when the body of a small girl was put in a sport bag in front of a bookstore. Besides that, she was naked when they found her body and had been brutally assaulted.

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