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Crime in Virtual Gaming Essay

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Below is an essay on "Crime in Virtual Gaming" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Proposal and Thesis
Crimes happen all around our world. In this digital era, crimes are no longer limited to the real world but also happen in the virtual world. As the virtual world gaming increasingly getting attention by the public, any crimes that happen in the virtual world are impacting the real world. How it would affects our public while all properties in the virtual world are not real? Do the crimes happen in the world impacting our real life? Also, are there any steps to prevent crimes to happen? Virtual world gaming’s purpose is mainly meant for the entertainment of public. But, as long as the crimes are involving in, there are concerns for both players and platform owners. In this paper, there will be discussion about the freedom in virtual world gaming, the crimes related within the virtual world, and also the efforts that have taken to prevent the crimes from happening to all players.
Tentative Outline
  1. Virtual World Gaming
      A. Mainly acts as a purpose of entertainment.
      B. Getting more attention from the public and crimes are involved.
      C. People are free to play and free to design in the virtual world gaming.
  2. Crimes that happen in the Virtual World
      D. Virtual gaming involved in real currency and it leads an emergence of new industry that makes billion dollars in the past few years.
      E. Crimes begin to happen as cases such as scamming and killing are happening in the real world as the real matters come from virtual world.
      F. Some crimes that occurring in the virtual world are mainly due to the lack of rules and regulations restriction in the virtual world gaming.
  3. Ways to prevent crimes to happen in the Virtual World Gaming
      G. Platform owner are using anti-cheating software to prevent people from cheating.
      H. Players are free to give any comments or suggestions to administrator to provide a better gaming environment.
      I. Players must agree to the terms and conditions...

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