Crime in Sociology Essay

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In this paper I will discuss the way society plays a role in the creation of crime using the Conflict Theory. Crime is the behavior that violates the criminal law. The criminal justice system punishes crimes. Punishment becomes necessary when criminal acts are so disorderly they interfere with society's normal functioning. “Conflict theory suggests that deviant and criminal behaviors result from social, political, or material inequalities in a social group” (Crossman, 2001). In a reply to the inequalities, certain people will act out criminally in order to change their circumstances, change the social structure that caused their situations, or just to “act out” against the law. The poor and minorities are more likely to be in the criminal justice system because of their connection between societies (Mitchell, 2014). People such as judges, wealthy people that help fund the prisons, and the people that work for the criminal justice system benefit from the high number of crimes. If it is no crime there wouldn’t be criminal system and the workers will not get paid. Poverty causes crime because people become desperate, rather it be for money or other goods, when in need they will commit the crime to support themselves or their family. My father sold drugs to bring money in our house because my parents were unemployed and the wait to have government was taking longer than they intended it to be. My parents had to make sure that their kids had food to eat and clothes on our back. Things happen in society because of the person’s connection the society. My parents connection to society was that they were unemployed and were waiting a long time to receive government assistant to feed our family, my daddy resorted into selling drugs so that ended him in jail and labeled him as a criminal. Reference Michelle Mitchell 2014 Ashley Crossman 2001:

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