Crime in Action Essay

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Crime in Action Question1: Blood is the most common fluid found at crime scenes and is the most useful due to the way it moves: Discuss 1.0: Introduction Forensic science has become an important tool in modern criminal investigation. The advances in technology and the use of modern science have become an ever increasing factor in the conducting of criminal investigation and justice. Bloodstain pattern analysis is one of several specialities in the field of forensic science, though it is not uncommon for bloodstains to be used as evidence in a criminal investigation, modern science has taken it to another level. New, improved methods are now available for both police and criminologists to use to solve both crimes and to catch the offender. This essay will look at the use of bloodstain analysis and its uses in not only apprehending the criminal but how it allows the investigator to develop a theory of what happened. 2.0: The role of an Investigator and Bloodstain Analysis at a crime scene When a violent crime occurs there is always a possibility of bloodshed. The use of bloodstain analysis will enable an investigator to establish where the blood has come from, who the blood has come from and the general severity of the attack. The most common method of collecting this would be for an investigator to bring in a forensic scientist or a blood specialist. Having a good understanding and knowledge of how blood is shed and transferred is defiantly essential in the identification of both victim and offender…much of fluid bloodstain interpretation relies upon knowledge of physics and fluid dynamics (Wonder 2001) A bloodstain analyst will work with an investigation to establish what happened when the crime was committed. At the early stages of an investigation the law will be looking to find out the cause of death or injury. An investigator needs little or no

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