Crime Data Comparison Paper

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Crime is something both the public and criminal justice system has and will always have to deal with. The hardest part about the criminal justice system is determining just sentences for criminals in accordance to the crimes they have committed. I am a criminology advisor to the state legislature of my state. The state legislature will soon vote on a bill that, if passed will double the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery. The purpose of sentencing is to make the punishment harsh enough so the criminals will want to steer away from ever repeating the crime they committed (University of Phoenix, 2012). This is one of the reasons that make this a very important matter and one that must be thoroughly examined. The following paragraphs will contain a discussion on my evaluation of the effectiveness of the bill as a possible solution to the decrease of armed robberies. I am examining the new bill to evaluate its effectiveness and efficiency and to identify possible alternative solutions that might be more beneficial. Based on my assessment of this bill, I will make a recommendation and include my professional opinion of weather the changes are necessary and beneficial. Armed Robbery is a very serious crime that seems to be on the rise since the country has been in recession. Robbery is a crime of theft and can be classified as larceny by force or by threat of force. The elements of the crime of robbery include the use of force or intimidation and all the elements of the crime of larceny. The penalty for robbery is always more severe than for larceny (Dictionary). Victims of armed robberies want nothing more than to see justice served and to feel safe. When an individual is robbed, it usually causes financial, mental, and sometimes physical strain on the victim and the community. The US government also pays a very high price due to robbery.

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