Crime Causation and Diversion

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Crime Causation and Diversion Toni Rowe CJA/374 June 4, 2012 University of Phoenix Crime Causation and Diversion Diversion is “an attempt to divert, or channel out, youthful offenders from the juvenile justice system” (Bynum and Thompson, 1996:430). The concept of diversion is based on the theory that processing certain youth through the juvenile justice system may do more harm than good (Lundman, 1993). The basis of the diversion argument is that youth that commit petty crimes should be handled outside of the juvenile system and be sent to a program. The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice is an organization whose mission is to reduce society’s reliance on incarceration as a solution to social problems. This program is nonprofit and provides help to someone that is facing prison time, t educates the public about what effects prison has on a person, and it provides assistance to other jurisdictions that would like to establish programs for offender populations. The center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice has a staff with diverse and professional backgrounds and expertise in the criminal and juvenile justice field. This program helps out ex-offenders by giving them a job as part of the programs commitment to reform a prisoner. The Adolescent Diversion Project The Adolescent Diversion Project is a large scale diversion program I Michigan. This program helps juveniles that have been accused of serious criminal acts and juveniles with status offenses. The goal of the Adolescent Diversion Project is to provide each juvenile with a program service that fits his or her needs so that they will not get into further trouble with the juvenile justice system. This programs goal is to teach the juveniles how to access the community resources such as getting a job, working on school problems, or finding
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