Crime And Punishment In America Essay

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Crime and Punishment 1 Crime and Punishment in America Leonard C. Anderson, Sr. Axia College at the University of Phoenix Crime and Punishment 2 Crime and Punishment Introduction Research shows that most of the people who are incarcerated will be released from America’s jails and prisons at some point. This is probably good news for the men and women who are incarcerated and their families. However, research also shows that the rate that ex-offenders return to jail and prisons or what is called the recidivism rates, are high. A percentage of ex-offenders who are released on probation will also violate their probations and be sent back to jail to finish their sentences. Recidivism is a huge problem and researchers have been studying which type of punishment can lower the recidivism rate so that jail and prisons do not continue to be revolving doors for so many men and women. In fact, “About three-fourths of state prisoners have been jailed before, and about half will be back within a few years after release (Petersilia, 1997; DeFina & Arvanites, 2002). In order to determine which type of punishment deters crime, this paper will look at four types of punishment that are used today. They are retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and social protection. This paper will also answer the question of whether the consequences of punishment provide any benefits for criminals and society. Summary of the Four Types of Punishment When a wrong is committed against a person in society, the natural response is that somebody has to pay. Even in the movies, the emphasis is put on making sure that somebody pays for the crime. A scene that relates to the topic of punishment takes place towards the end of the blockbuster movie, National Treasure. In the scene toward the end of the movie, Nicholas Cage and Harvey Keitel are sitting on the steps of the church pew

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