Crime and Punishment Essay

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Sonia’s character in the book Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky can be summed up in the three words that most describe her: strong, selfless, and devoted. Although Sonia’s character does not play a large role in the book until the later parts of it, the characterization that is given about her makes it seem as if she has been present for the length of the book. Sonia contradicts what the majority of the other characters in the book represent in the sense that she stands for positive traits that people long for, while she is surrounded by drunks, a murderer, and a pedophile, to name a few. Though many other arguments can be made about Sonia and what she stands for, her overall characterization can be summed up by her strength, selflessness and devotion shown throughout the novel. Over the course of the novel, Sonia shows selflessness in places and scenarios that not many people would be able to. She shows her selflessness from the first time the reader meets her, by prostituting herself so that her family will have enough money to put food on the table. Marmaledov, Sonia’s father, tells Raskolnikov that when she came home from the first night of her new profession "She walked straight up to Katerina Ivanovna and she laid thirty roubles on the table before her in silence. (part 1. chapter 1)” This quote shows that Sonia was not concerned about her own well-being when she was prostituting herself, rather she was thinking of her family and all the good that the money she would make would do. When Katerina Ivanovna asked Sonia to do such a thing, Sonia asked no questions and did not refuse because she was thinking about the good that it would do for her family. Raskolnikov and Sonia develop a relationship as the novel goes on, and their relationship proves to be yet another time where Sonia shows selfless behavior. Suffering through the societal consequences

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