Crime and Punishment Essay

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Omar Haddad Per. 5 1/11/13 Crime and Punishment In Dante Alighieri’s epic poem The Inferno, Dante, the epics protagonist, ventures on a journey through the nine circles of hell. Led by his guide Virgil, the allegorical equivalent to human reason, Dante is given a chance to go through the circles of hell by the will of his departed lover Beatrice. Throughout his venture, Dante encounters several sinners that represent real people in Alighieri’s life including political enemies, religious figures, and old friends. As these sinners are recognized throughout Dante’s descent Alighieri uses several different methods to express his own feelings towards them through actions of the protagonist, reactions of Virgil, and a variety of detailed imagery. Three specific sinners in which Alighieri uses these methods to expresses a variety of emotions towards are Brunneto Latino, Pope Nicholas 3rd, and Ser Brunneto Latino. Bocca Degli Abbati Brunnetto Latino, a sinner placed in circle seven round three of hell, receives a great deal of respect and compassion by both Dante and Alighieri. In the Epic Alighieri describes Brunnetto to be his highly revered mentor while still alive. Alighieri shows his respect for Brunnetto through the words of Dante when he says “With all my strength I pray you, stay; and if you'd have me rest awhile with you, I shall, if that please him with whom I go”( canto 15,line) to Brunetto. Although Dante is in the more respectable position between the two, he still feels the need to ask Brunneto permission to stay and converse because of how much esteem he has for his mentor. Alighieri makes an attempt to honor his former mentor by mentioning him in his Epic in a respectable manner. Another way Alighieri honors Brunneto is by writing that Virgil grants Dante’s permission to stay, which means that Virgil who represents Human Reason approves of Brunneto.

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