Crime And Punishment Essay

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Crime and Punishment: The purpose of this paper is to review, contrast and to give my opinion on the effectiveness of criminal sentencing and sending a criminal to jail as a deterrent to future crime. Each state, jurisdiction, territory and court system has its own uniqueness that is not shared by others. For example, Great Britain has a no gun law, Texas has the Sheriffs law and capitol punishment, California aggressively sentences repeat offenders and Virginia has a complete open carry law. To be honest, I believe that the most unique methods provide a better deterrence of crime, and a lot of the more controversial methods do not In every population, crimes are committed on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s done purposely and others it’s done accidentally. The punishment for these crimes is baised upon the crime and the circumstances surrounding the situation. Actions that may seem small to an individual can be so much bigger when brought up in the courts. Crimes for the most part are taken extremely seriously and are punished as so. Once the person who committed the crime is tried, a decision is processed, and a sentencing and/or incarceration will take place. It’s important to understand the purposes and effectiveness of criminal sentencing which relates to the concepts of deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation and retribution. Criminal sentencing is the process of punishing an offender for their indiscretions. We, as human beings, are liable for the crimes we commit. Everyone earns the right to be tried by a judge or jury. If the person is already incarcerated, they wear street clothes and no shackles to their jury trial. This keeps the jury unbiased and from judging the defendant based on them being incarcerated. Apart from straight time incarceration, there are punishments such as getting a warning, a day in jail, weekend confinement, the “Dead Beat

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