Crime And Punishment Essay

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Crime and Punishment 2/29/12 The topic of crime and punishment is one always popular for debate in America. There is always a different aspect to it that not everyone can come to agree on. Our justice system is something that is constantly being analyzed for all sorts of different cases, often times needing to be changed or altered somehow. One aspect that is a popular topic is if criminals should be rehabilitated or punished. From my point of view this decision should be completely based off of the basis of the crime. For example if someone is being convicted for a drugs charge instead of putting them behind bars they should be sent to a rehabilitation center where they can actually treat a possible addiction. More than half of the people arrested in the United States are tested positive for some sort of drug. Why not try to rehabilitate these people instead of putting them behind bars where their habits will likely carry on with them after they are released? On the other side of things, criminals who are out there committing homicides should no doubt in my mind be punished. Only on two conditions would I be willing to rehabilitate a killer. One if the person is proven to be mentally unstable, or two if the person is a young child no older than 7 or 8. Children can sometimes have a rough time growing up. Family situations play a huge role on a child's development. A young child who grows up surrounded by violence, drugs and abuse and commits a murder may simply not have known much better. This should be taken into deep consideration when trying a child for homicide. On the other hand, if a person cannot think logically than just about anything can happen. They can end up killing someone else or even killing themselves. With the proper type of medication and rehabilitation there is a chance that a mentally unstable

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