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Crime: Age and Status Essay

  • Submitted by: karsiyakali
  • on February 25, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Crime;   There are many factors that play a role in crime today. Everyone does not commit crime. Two key factors of whom commit crime lies in social status and age. Social status has a major role with crime. The rich are less likely to commit violent crimes. Yet, rich are more likely to commit white-collar crimes for example, embezzlement. Rich people are in the position where white-collar crimes are easier to commit. A bank broker has a better oportunuty to embezzle than a migrant worker does. The lower income people are not usually well educated and unable to get a good job. So they try to getahead by stealing and commiting violent cimes. In every social class crime is committed but the lower income class aremore likely to commit violent and theft crimes. How many times has a seventy-year old man gone into a bank and robbed it? That does not happen too often. The age group,sixteen to twenty-four hold the highes trate   of criminals, according to the Uniform Crime Report. FBI receives and complies records from over sixteen thousand police departments in order to make up the Uniform Crime Report. The sixteen to twenty-four age groups is less mature; they are still young and want to live their life. Their life stile, like going out to bars and parties put them in situations whee it is easy to get in fights and   cause property damage. This age group also has a lot of peer pressure to do   risky stuff. For example, they might   go to some enemies house and vandalizes their car or they might break some window on the house.
Usually the sixteen to twenty-four are not economically setup and do not have stable high paying jobs. It is hard for a high school student or someone with just a high school diploma to get a well paid job especally if they are trying to go to school. Most of the well paying   jobs want a college degree. They do petty crimes to help them get by; for example they might steal a couple of dollars from some fast food place they are working at. Not everyonein...

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