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If you are 17 years old or younger and have committed a criminal offence, you are classified as a young offender. A youths’ individual characteristics and the way they live their lives can effect their involvement in crime. Defining criminal behaviour is not easy. But it possible to say that the concern of criminology is law-breaking behaviour rather that criminal behaviour. This clearly states a difference between the kind of behaviour with which criminology might be concerned from the more emotive use of the term ‘Criminal’ itself, which potentially can pre-judge the guilt of the offender. The law seems to be the point where behaviour comes under the scrutiny of criminology. The implications of defining criminological concerns in this way need to be spelt out a little more clearly. Firstly, such a definition places the law at the centre of defining behaviour as criminal or otherwise rather than placing the behaviour itself at the centre of criminology concerns. Secondly, defining criminological concerns in this way can inevitably directs any talk of understanding criminal behaviour towards, in part, understanding the processes whereby that behaviour has come to be defined as criminal - that is, understanding how and why laws change.(Walklate 2003 p.5) There are a number of features about criminology a few of them are listed here. As a discipline it is held together by a substantive concern which is ‘crime’ This means that there is a multidisciplinary in character rather than being dominated by one discipline. As a consequence, in order to make sense of what criminals might be saying, it is important to understand the conceptual apparatus with which they might be working. (Walklate 2003 p13) Criminals frequently disagree with each other. Despite these disagreements, they can agree on how the problem arose although much less argument on how to solve that

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