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Crime is an issue that society has had to barter with since the dawn of time. As the law has shaped itself to deal with crime, many physiological been created and developed. Among these theories that was devolved in the eighteenth century was the Classical School of Criminology. This is where classical thinking emerged in response to the cruel forms of punishment that were dominant at the time period. It is really important to mention the Criminal Justice state in Europe to which the classical school was responding. Europe was leaving behind its long history of feudalism and absolute monarchy and turning toward the development of modern nation states that ruled based and rational decision-making powered. Criminal Justice was one of the areas that needed to be updated. The use of punishment and torture to secure confessions and self-incriminating testimony had been widespread. In those date in England the stranded penalty for committed of a felony was death. The system of criminal justice in society was very corrupt and made it legally impossible for the convicts parents to pass own their wealth to their own grandchildren. Many accused Englishmen allowed themselves to be crushed to death rather than risk a trial a leave their families destitute. All these issues in society impacted Jeremy Bethan and Cesar De Beccaria in particular. These two men were main contributors to criminology. They are considered the founding fathers of the classical school of criminology. Classical school of criminology is based on the fact there was titration interested in the happiness and well-being of population and therefore believing that punishment, in the form of the infliction of pain, should always be justified in the terms of the greater good. Beacaria developed his concerning criminal behavior in how to control it. He believed the same belief about human behavior that most the

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