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Crime rate I wish I am a pollice officer. But being a pollice officer is a not a good jod nowdays. There is too much crimanal and to much problem has risen in our community. Until now, the problem become of a big problem to be noted not only the police either the govermnent but everybody in the society. I do not quite understand how the crime rates could be soaring sky high in the past few years. Set the crime fighting and prevention efforts aside, I couldn’t figure out how on earth did we managed to produce so many criminals in Malaysia. Actually, the increment of crime rate is due to population increase, unemployment, issue of ‘lepak’, influx of illegal immigrants etc that are often attributed for its rise are discussed. Crimes in Malaysia are divided into two categories which are violent crime and property crime. Violent crime which generally includes crimes of violence that is sufficiently regular and significant in occurrence. For example, murder, attempted murder, gang robbery, rape and lastly voluntarily causing hurt. Where as property crime includes those offences involving the loss of property during which there is no use of violence by the perpetrators. There are housebreaking, theft of vehicles, and other forms of theft. So, we need to take effort so to make sure this problem not become a bigger problem later on. Firstly, i think the government needs to do now is to make crime fighting the nation’s top priority. Badawi should hand over his job as Internal Security Minister to someone who is qualified and could fully commit himself/herself to. He failed miserably as the Internal Security Minister obviously, and there are no reasons for him to hold the position besides his own political agenda.We need drastic measures to prevent the crime rates from rising further; it will be snowball effect, if we let the crooks think that they can escape

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