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Key Legal Concepts and Features of the Legal System Types of crime: offences against persons, economic offences (property/white collar crime), offences against the State, drug offences, public order offences, traffic offences, ‘victimless’ crimes, preliminary crimes (attempts, conspiracy) Crime: “An act or omission which causes harm to society and punishable by the state.” Offences against persons 3 types o Homicide o Assault o Sexual assault Homicide Where a person is unlawfully killed 4 types o Murder o Intending to kill another person o Manslaughter o An unlawful killing o 3 types  Involuntary: negligence causing death  Voluntary: accused intending to kill but there are mitigating circumstanced, eg; provocation or diminished responsibility  Constructive: did so accidentally during a crime o Infanticide o A mother causing the death of her child within the first 12 months of its life o Defence- mental illness- post natal depression o Death by reckless driving Assault Causing physical harm or threatening to cause physical harm to another. Sexual Assault (Formerly rape) Unwanted sexual contact with another, including your spouse Economic Offences Crimes against property Larceny (Theft) Is the removal of another person’s property without consent. Break and Enter Illegally entering a building with the intent to steal (burglary) Robbery Accused taking property whilst owner is there, may be under the threat of violence or whilst armed. When the violence involves a weapon, the charge is escalated to ‘armed robbery’. White Collar Crime Tax evasion Not paying correct tax → fraudulently completing a tax return Computer crimes Taking money online from other people’s accounts, credit card fraud, introducing viruses. Insider Trading Special information concerning share prices Offences Against the State

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