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Investigation of Cold Case Homicides By Audra Wellington CRMJ 306 Cold case investigation has become a popular topic. This may be in part to the television media that has sensationalized it. The sensationalism of the media has brought to light a new type of investigative properties that may or may not be used in actual investigations. The idea of having investigators work solely on clearing the cases did not come into play until 1980’s. The first cold case unit was commissioned in 1980. They were part of the Miami-Dade police department. They were working on an unresolved murder of two years. They worked around the clock for around 27 days and there was a killer that was taken into custody (Kelher, 2012). In 1995, NCIS initiated a full time cold case program modeled after the Miami-Dade squad. This was the first cold case unit commissioned by a federal agency (Kelher, 2012) The time factor may work against police at first. Usually, if it is not solved within 48 hours most of the evidence is lost. However, time may work in their favor. Time changes relationships for which a police investigator may not get information from a girlfriend now but 10 years from now she may be willing to give you the lead you need to solve the case. New technologies are being developed over time and with each new technology comes the chance to solve the crime. This would be true in old rape and murder cases where DNA evidence was found. Now that the technology exists where it can be tested, we have solved many crimes and have set innocent people free. Reviewing the original evidence with fresh eyes and perspectives may be an opportunity to get more insight or find something that was missed the first time around. This gives an opportunity to review leads and follow up on evidence origionally overlooked by the original investigator. With new technology comes

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