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Gretchen Jaques November 20, 2011 TD 303 – Gipson Critical Response 360 Round Dance The performance, 360 Round Dance by Steven Dietz was meant to examine the sub-conscious illustration of desire. Dietz based his production on the 1900 play Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler. The performance was different that anything I had seen before and it was exciting to go into a performance and not know exactly what it was about, but to go into it with an open mind and to really think about what was meant to be portrayed by the actors. The cast was small, but it was very interesting to see how each of the characters intertwined with one another. One of the most interesting things that I got from the production was how each character had a connection with the silver bracelet from the opening scene. It drew my attention when each actor used it in his or her scene and passed the bracelet on to the next person. It was attention-grabbing when each character noticed it and showed it to the next and brought something new to the scene. I especially liked when the character Cody the songwriter, noticed that his girlfriend had lied about how she got the bracelet. It was an interesting twist to their story and helped tie in what had happened in the previous scene. A technique that I noticed that the actors used was “blocking”. As an audience Jaques 1 member in previous performances I had never really noticed how actors use the entire stage. Since in class we have been working a lot with blocking and how it can be used, I thought about it how I could learn from the actor’s use of blocking. Another technique that I took note of was the actor’s ability to create the scenery of where he or she was. The actor’s ability to act around what was supposed to be in the rooms that he or she was in was something that I learned from. When the Wife and the Young Man were in his downtown,

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