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Maria do Carmo Marketing 3301 Clark Thomas 10/26/2010 Crest White Strips Case Summary According to the book, the white strips market was developed thanks to the hard work of marketing research firms. Through very thorough research they came to the conclusion that there was a market for teeth whitening products. They found that regular people just like celebrities wanted to have pearly white teeth and where willing to pay up to fifty dollars. The fifty dollars was essential because it would cover development and introductory promotion costs. After reviewing all the information Crest became the first major company to test the market. Crest came up with the Crest Whitestrips which was a clear tape like strip to be put over your teeth for thirty minutes. Marketing managers choose to advertise the product as “easy to use” and “superior whitening versus toothpaste”. Also marketing managers used infomercials and magazine ads rather than just stocking the product in test market stores. This approach was a huge success proving there was a strong demand. The national launch of Whitestrips was one of the most successful in twenty years with sales reaching two hundred million. Due to the success of Crest Whitestrips various competitors launched their own version of the product. This forced the marketing managers to market their products to various people at various prices. Which product sales back up after sales decreased due to competition. However there is now a focus on the overseas market specifically China where sales are growing steadily. Questions and Answers 1. Discuss the concept of making information system and why it is important for marketing to be involved in planning the system? Marketing information system is an organized way of continually gathering, accessing, and analyzing information that marketing managers need to make ongoing decisions.

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