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Kiara Dozier 1-5-12 English - Ms. Kavanaugh Period 7 Antigone In the story Antigone , by Sophocles, Creon views women as a weaker sex and Antigone ends up proving him wrong. Antigone is the daughter and sister of Oedipus. Her brothers are Polyneices and Eteocles , who both are dead. Creon had declared that Eteocles would be honored with burial because he was the defender of Thebes while Polyneices body was left to vultures and dogs. Polyneices felt that she should break Creons law to honor her brother and bury him herself with the help of her sister Ismene. She believes that Polyneices should deserve the same treatment that Eteocles did , which caused a conflict between Creon and Antigone. Creon views woman as the weaker sex. Creon is the ruler of Thebes and believes that women are weak and should obey men. “”And no woman shall seduce us/…show more content…
Antigone didn’t mind the fact she was dying because she believed it was for the right reason. “And if I must die now/ now before it is my time to die surely this is no hardship.”( 679 , II, 66-68). This quote explains how Antigone is proud to die for something she believes in, she went against Creon’s law to show that her brother deserved to be properly buried , even if it meant she’d have to die for it. Finally , Antigone decides to sacrifice herself to give respect to her brother , which showed she was a tragic hero , the town supported Antigone and was inspired by her bravery towards…show more content…
She had showed she was and could be stronger than Creon tried and proved himself to be. By Antigone breaking Creons law , with no hesitation , and then sacrificing herself all for her brother shows how strong, brave , and loyal she is. Antigone is a hero in the eyes of the people of Thebes and her legacy lives

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