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Creon: The Tragic Hero In order for a character to be a tragic hero, he or she must possess certain traits. Some of the traits for the character to have are flaws, recognition and reversal, and suffering and loss. Creon, the tragic hero of Antigone has these traits. Throughout the play, Creon shows his flaws, he recognizes his mistakes, he tries to reverse his mistakes, and he goes trough a tragic amount of suffering and loss; making him the tragic hero. Creon’s prominent flaw is the amount of hubris he has. According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, hubris means excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis. Creon showed hubris after his son plead for him to not kill Antigone, to have sympathy for her and to understand that she just wanted to bury her brother. Even after his son, Haemon’s plea, a leader told him to not sentence Antigone to death too, but Creon’s response was, “You mean that men of my years have to learn to think by taking notes from men of his?...And I must let the mob dictate my policy?...Do I rule the state, or someone else?” (Sophocles 223) Creon’s words clearly show the amount of self pride and arrogance he has. He refuses to listen to his own son and to even consider letting Antigone go. Creon also demonstrated hubris when Tireseas, a well known and respected prophet, warned Creon and told him to let Antigone go, Creon replied: Old man, you pot away at me like all the rest as if I were a bull’s-eye, and now You aim your seer craft at me. Well, I’m sick of being bought and sold by all your Soothsaying tribe. Bargain away! All of the silver of Sardis, all of the gold of India is not enough to buy this man a grave; Not even if Zeus’s eagles come, and Fly away with carrion morsels to their master’s throne. Even such a threat of such A taint will not win this body burial. It takes much more than

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