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Destiny Conquers All Every choice one makes results is their fate because one cannot get rid of their destiny. Fate controls one’s life and it is unchangeable. “Fate is like a dream,” because no one can alter one’s actions to modify the future. Creon is a perfect example of someone who cannot reshape his downfall. Creon’s good fortune diminishes into miserable luck due to his destiny. Due to Creon’s imperfect qualities, it leads him to make wrong decisions. In the play Antigone, Creon is seen as the real “tragic hero,” because his fate unravels and he is oblivious in his own flaws. As a result of Creon’s providence, his success decreases throughout the play. From the start of the play Creon gains support from his city when he states “ Eteocles, who died in arms for Thebes, shall have a glorious funeral” (199). Creon demonstrates that he has a loving heart to allow a burial for Oedipus’s son. In addition, he makes everyone believe that he will put the country’s wishes and safety first. Creon addresses to his citizens about his principles, “I find intolerable the man who puts his country second to his friends. For instance if I saw ruin and danger heading for the state, I would speak out” (199). When Tiresias comes to talk to Creon, Tiresias advises “Take it if you can...Do not be surprised that heave-yes, and hell- have set the Furies loose to lie in wait for you, Ready with the punishments you engineered for others” (239). In other words, Tiresias suggests Creon to follow his advise or others will suffer. Because of his ruination his charmed life fades away. Creon’s ruins are due to his mistakes as well as him being convinced that he is a supreme ruler. When he becomes narrow-minded, he accuses the sentry of receiving money from the citizens to tell Creon about Polynices’ burial. Creon announces to the sentry that “Money topples cities to the ground, seduces

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