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Creole Cuisine The Creole cuisine originated in Louisiana. It is not a very original style of cooking. This unique style of cooking has dishes for appetizers, soups, and even main dishes. This style of cooking is adaptable to anyone who wishes to supply a tasty and different meal for his or her family. Creole cooking is not soley in one region or place. The Creole style of cooking is in places located throughout the world, and even here in America. This style of cooking has a very unique and competitive background for an American derivative food. Cajun and Creole were two very similar and very sought after restaurants in the late eighteen hundreds through nineteen hundreds. It would be intelligent to provide a historical background of the food first and foremost. The Spanish, Portuguese, and Canarian influences on Creole cuisine were in the heat of the peppers, the wide usage of citrus juice marinades, the supreme importance of rice, and the introduction of beans. The Spaniards and the Italians also used tomatoes extensively, which had not been a frequent ingredient in the earlier French era. Pasta and tomato sauces arrived during the period when New Orleans was a popular destination for Italian, and Greek immigrants. Many Italians and Greeks became grocers, bakers, cheese makers and orchard farmers, and so influenced the Creole cuisine in New Orleans and its suburbs. The African and Indian influences, which were extensive, came about because many of the servants were either African-American or Asian Indian American, as were many of the cooks in restaurants and cafes (creole The first cookbooks on the Creole cuisine date all the way back to before the Louisiana Purchase, but the first English cookbook was published in eighteen eighty-five by Lafcadio Hearn. By the time that this had happened, Creole cooking was identified as a

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