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Letters about Credit More and more business today is conducted on a credit basis. This inevitably leads to a large number of correspondence: letters applying for credit, letters giving credit information, letters investigating credit, letters refusing credit and so on. All letters about credit should be honest and straightforward. Any irrelevant matters should not be included in letters about credit. Sample 1 A letter applying for credit June 1, 2005 Dear Sir, We are interested in having our firm’s name put on your books as a charge customer, being billed once a month instead of each time we make a purchase. We have been doing business with your company for the past three years and have remained a good standing customer. If you will let us know what information you require to apply, we will be happy to send it. Yours truly, Tom Smith Sample 2 A letter requesting references for a credit check June 2, 2005 Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for your letter of June 1st requesting an account with us. In order for us to include your name on our books, we need two trading references with which you have an account. Could you please provide us with the names of the firms and the name of the contact person? We will let you know what our decision is as soon as we complete the credit check. Sincerely yours, John Brown Sample 3 A letter giving

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