Credit Cards & young people

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Nowadays almost every bank offers an account for youth. It has been 2 years since I?ve become a customer of Mbank. I am very satisfied with it because they are very convenient and they provide all the services through the internet. In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages of having a credit card when you are young. I would like to start with advantages of having a credit card, which is in fact only a piece of plastic. First, a credit card is very useful when it comes to paying. When you are in shop and you want to buy a product, which is necessary for you at the moment. Let?s say you need something to drink but, there is a problem - you took to little money. You cannot buy it and you are in danger of dieing because of thirst. If you had had your credit card, you would have been still alive. Apart from that, a credit card is a great idea, because it is much safer than cash. You just have to keep your PIN in secret. This ?plastic? money is well protected in various ways. A potential thief would have to copy your signature or change the photo on a card. If your cash had been stolen, the thief can spend it without any limits. Also, when you use an internet shop and you just want to do some shopping on Allegro or eBay, a credit card with an internet account is very convenient. It makes shopping very fast and easy and it allows you to save a lot of money, as its much cheaper. On the other hand a credit card is a huge danger. If you are a parent, you should carefully consider pros and cons before you give a debit credit card to your child. When a child spends too much money, parents have to pay off its debts. It also limits parental control over child?s spending. In conclusion, I am sure that a credit card is a good idea for young people as it is useful and much safer than cash. However, parent still have to keep some control and learn their

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