Credibility Of Truth In Photography Essay

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photography Truth and Credibility, fact and fiction The notion of objectivity of the photograph as a document and its ability to tell the truth and the ease with which photographs can use artistic tools to manipulate images far beyond accepted standards has been under pressure since the inception of inexpensive digitalization methods of recording information in the early 1990s in photojournalism it started in earnest with the digital composite of Olympic ice skaters Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, showing the rivals practicing together on the cover of New York Newsday in 1994. This digital composite of Olympic ice skaters Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan appeared on the cover of New York Newsday. The picture showed the rivals practicing together, shortly after an attack on Kerrigan by an associate of Harding’s husband. The picture caption reads: “Tonya Harding, left, and Nancy Kerrigan, appear to skate together in this New York Newsday composite illustration. Tomorrow, they’ll really take to the ice together.”…show more content…
Adnan Hajj of embellishing Israeli air-strike damage in Beirut on August 5th 2006 I found you can’t believe what you see and that the era photographs being used as a form of document of truth are a thing of the past. The interesting point for me that people are so used to seeing the horror of war that the photographers feel a need to make it look worse than the photographs show as if its not enough I think if I lived in the city where the bombs were dropped and you new that photographers were doing this it would make you fill me with dispare. Although I have always known about you can manipulate photographs I wasn’t aware of the extent of its use in photojournalism airbrushing for fashion is one thing but using as a tool for giving war photos more of an impact to sell to the press I think is

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