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CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Which is the process of science? Inquiry- a search for info, explanations, and answers. involve making observations, forming hypothesis, and testing predictions.Hypothesis vs. theory. hypothesis is a proposed explanation from a set of observations while a theory is more broad with enough evidence to verify it.A valid experiment design will consist of two groups?Experimental and control group A key point in Darwin’s explanation of evolution is? species living today are descendants of ancestral speies. Evolution by? Natural selection. (1) individuals in a population vary in their traits (2) a population can produce far more offspring than the environment can support= the individuals with heritable traits best suited to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce. The basis of life’s unity and diversity lies in? DNA Major Domains Archea Bacteria and Eukarya and Kingdoms of Eukarya: their differences Protista: single celled eukaryotes, Plantae: Plants producing own food, Fungi: decomposers, Animalia consumers ingest food for energy. What is an autotroph? an organism that creates its own food through photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. A producer in nature? Plants that provide food for nature take in H2O light and CO2 and create energy and let out oxygen in return Saprotroph? an organism that gets its energy from non living matter A species is? A cell is?structural and functional unit of life. Eukaryotes membrane enclosed organelles, Prokaryotes smaller and lack organelles. The hierarchical order of the units of life, from simple to complex is: starting from molecules. molecules, organelles, cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, *Know some of the icons in biology and their major contributions. Know some figures: 100 trillion of? 3.1 billion Of? 25,000 of? 210 of? 1.5 millions of? How many are animals? 100 trillion cells that make

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