Creativity in Marketing Essay

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Creativity Written Report 4. The gap in the market In a business, it is easy to exist gaps. Because services is intangible and there are many factors affecting while the services is performing. Service is unlike a product that could be touched or felt. Therefore it is very important to always think of new ways and ideas to make the business more interesting and perform as it was promised. It is also important to stay it always up to standard. We would considered the gap as the customer gap; this is a gap between the customers' expectation and perception. The company might not know what their customers expected, so that the business was running in a more traditional way just as a language school. What we observed from discussing with the principal of the school is that the language school only provide language courses for students to learn in classrooms. During lessons, students did not have enough interactions with one another due to the time cause or many other reasons. They do not have a chance to gain friendships with classmates or closier relationship with teachers.Students only come to the centre for that particular lessons or hours to attend the lesson, and after that they will leave the centre. This limits them from gaining a sense of belonging to the school and the sustainability of learning the language more actively. In the Korean Language School, the customers are obviously the students who are learning in the centre. It is important to know their expectations and goals of learning. The customer gap could be the high expectations of students, not only aim at learning Korean, the language itself but more likely to understand Korean culture instead. In order to make this possible, we suggest such new idea of implying the cafe corner in the centre. It would be designed with a warm and homelike environment which allows students to stay before or
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