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I believe in creativity. The surrounding art others and I have created that sway emotions from lows to highs, the fond memories lingering within my brain from my younger days when I would run around for hours imagining different scenes and play through them. Creativity. One word that holds the largest depths, one meaning that explains everything humans are known for. Myself included, I would have been lost without the ability to find my own true voice within creativity. During my freshman year of high school, I was alone. I would spend my time, my lunches by myself just writing. Writing my thoughts and feelings, creating rhymes and lyrics that I imagined would go within a famous beat one day. I never shared any of them with anyone, they were my precious ideals, my life story all mixed up in random synchronization and pages. One day during my English 9 class, we had to share something we all had written. I gained the courage to speak out-loud something I had written and for a few moments after I was done speaking, the room was dead silent, a slight hush and “wow” exclaimed from a few students. I was embarrassed for finally speaking out about how I felt, truly expressing my feelings and letting them flow outward from my voice. At the same time, I was awestruck at the emotions and connection that I could visibly see on everyone’s faces, including my teacher’s. It made me feel like a new person, one who had overcome himself and made it through a hardship. To this day, I rarely hesitate sharing my ideas or opinions on creativity for it is the one thing that has changed me and surfaced me and my ideals outward into a new horizon of ideas. From that moment, I will always push creativity more so than anything else, because I believe it is a building block of not just myself, but the entire human

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