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I Lived With Struggle, I Learned With Passion Writing and reading is an exploration that you start from nothing and learn as you go. Everyone starts at the beginning and through their experiences gain knowledge about the English language. Not everyone is a naturally gifted writer and reader; therefore, you have to gain some techniques. People will gain different levels of techniques at different points in their lives. However this struggle does not define a person’s ability to read and write. Many people could have limited standards or a lack of resources to advance their abilities in English. Using my life as an example, people will struggle with the learning of writing and reading however, with the use of creativity, they will prosper as a writer and reader. As a child, I struggled with writing and reading for a long period of time. I spent the first six years of my life with my mother in Newark, New Jersey. I was never forced to go to school, so I consistently missed school. Newark did not have the same educational standards as compared to other schools in New Jersey, they did not push and encourage their students to grow and succeed. As a result of their lack of teaching I was not able to learn how to read or write until I was six years old when I finally moved in with my grandmother who lives in Oceanport, New Jersey. The Oceanport elementary school realized how uneducated I was and required me to repeat first grade. However my grandmother pushed for me to go on and continue to second grade. To be able to catch up on my reading and writing, my grandmother and a family friend would create songs for me to sing to help me learn how to spell and write certain words. One of the first words I could spell was “Mickey Mouse”. Because of their extra effort in teaching, I was able to learn how to spell and read in different ways. It made reading and writing more

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