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Entrepreneurship 13/2/2012 Creativity ESSAY Since the beginning of time creativity has always presented its self by playing an essential role in our life. It all started at how our lord created this world the way he structured the land and how he created us as human and the way we think and act which is so amazing. In the early time of the arawaks they showed how being creative could improve their life style so they came up with an idea on how they could gain food in difficult areas and how they could protect themselves from enemies so they created boats called canoes from straw and wood and knives and spears from stone and sticks and so because of their creativity it changed their lives. So as mankind grew stronger, older and wiser creativity started becoming more improved in so making living easier just one step at a time. one of the most creative idea that ever came to life was the wheel it was created from only wood at the time and had an axle so it could be rotated because of this idea other creative ideas were contributed from this like the wheel barrow, so this made person’s life easier heavier things could now be moved around freely without major effort or strength. From this idea came larger ones such as cars, buses, truck and planes so that persons could now travel to further distances and in large amount at a more convenient time. When Thomas Edison found out about electricity a remarkable idea came to his mind to create something called the light bulb even though he wasn’t the first to create it the idea he had and creativity lead the light bulb to last longer by putting a carbonized filament and because of that persons where very well intrigued by this invention and how it was designed to contain such energy and so causing humanity to change tremendously in such that persons could now see at night, jobs had been created, and also

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