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Creativity – Genesis of “Creation” Some Definitions of Creativity Creativity involves an ability to come up with new and different viewpoints on a subject. It involves breaking down and restructuring our knowledge about the subject in order to again new insights into its nature. However, any definition of creativity is complicated because the concept has many dimensions. What is Creative Thinking? Creativity is a concept which we often come across in our everyday conversation. Yet despite our almost innate understanding of what it means to be creative there is much confusion about the nature of creativity. Wertheimer (1945]suggested that creative thinking involved breaking down and restructuring our knowledge about something in order to gain new insights into its nature. Understanding our own cognitive model of reality may therefore be an important determinant of our ability to think creatively. Creativity is something which occurs when We are able to organize our thoughts in such a way that readily leads to a different and even better understanding of the subject or situation which we are considering. Rickards (1985:5) defines creativity as: ‘the personal discovery process, partially unconscious, which leads to new and relevant insights’ creativity is very much concerned with how we imagine things in our minds. Although language is a medium of expressing our creative feelings our creativity is often gained though images and sensations which are difficult to express in words. Weinman (1999) considered that creativity is the ability to go beyond the mundane and obvious and reject the traps of repetition and pre set categories. These various definitions seem to agree that creativity involves an in depth thought of a subject and an ability to come up with new and different viewpoints. Invention and Creativity Invention is an act of creativity

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